An Unexpected Subway Closure

The sandwich chain is in major trouble with the Department of Health

by Amanda Logan.

Subway is known for its healthy food selections and its popular $5 dollar foot longs. This restaurant transformed the meaning of fast food by giving customers the food fast without the grease. It is ranked the second largest food chain in the city with more than 50 locations. This restaurant also holds the title of having the most Department of Health shutdowns than any other fast food chain in the city. With a Subway at each end of the CCNY campus, this news suggests that students won’t be eating fresh if they go there for a meal.

According to a report conducted by The Daily News, more Subway locations have had to shut down because of health violations than any other fast food chain. Within the past five years, 55 locations in the city have closed.

“Its kind of disgusting to think that Subway, of all places, is in trouble for being improperly kept,” says Chelsie Green, a freshman at City College. “That’s where you go to eat fresh,“ added junior Jazmine Grant.

Subway is known for preparing your meal right before your eyes in a matter of minutes. Costumers get to see how their food is handled from the moment the bread leaves the toaster to when it is wrapped up and ready to go. “I feel comfortable eating there because I see my food in front of me, compared to it being made in the back,” said Jennifer Deleon, a sophomore at CCNY who said she would expect such “grossness” from McDonalds.

A spokesperson from Subway released a statement saying, “Nearly 90% of the locations have an A rating and some 30 locations have not received their rating yet. Violations are not tolerated.” In addition, because each Subway is individually operated, if one location is filthy, it does not make them all filthy.

This news has left students skeptical to spend money on things that may potentially make them sick. “It’s sad because there is literally a Subway near everyplace I go,” says junior Lauren Zupkus 21. When asked if they would they eat there again, there were mixed feelings. “I won’t be eating there again, at least not in New York City,” says one student, though another interrupts by saying, “Let’s be real— Subway is convenient and I will eat there again.”

There were other popular chains on the list for shutdowns as well. Kennedy Fried Chicken was second on the list and Dunkin Donuts came in third. The Department of Health is moving fast to get rid of nasty fast food nuisances.

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