Help during the finals crunch by Shanika Sealy

As the semester comes to a close and term papers and exams pile up, stress skyrockets on campus. “During finals, I only get 3 hours of sleep,” says Betsy Pena, senior. “I’m tired and I can’t manage my time.”

What’s the solution to stress during the weeks leading up to finals?

According to Valerie Baker, PhD, counselor at Lehman College, planning your time is the key to a stress free final exam week. “It’s all about budgeting your time,” she says.

Dr. Baker advises using tools to get organized. “Get a calendar and plan studying time for each class on different days,” she suggests. “If you have two exams on the same day, invest an hour or two for each exam up until the day of the exam. Setting aside time for each exam leaves room for more sleep and students will be less stressed.”

Besides, getting organized, taking care of yourself is key. Follow these healthy tips:

  • Get 8 hours of sleep. It’ll help you recharge.
  • Make sure to eat healthy meals and snacks. It pays to take care of yourself.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts. Thinking positive boosts success.
  • Relax the mind every hour with deep breathing techniques.

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