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The Green Handed Architect

Check out James Wine’s inventive exhibit at CCNY by Kelvin Masilamani

In a world where architecture is run mostly by technology and graphics, James Wines set out to be the exception. He felt that computer-aided tools should be nothing more than support for what is hand drawn. He currently has an exhibit of his work

James Wine is an American architect who focused all, if not most, of his designs to incorporate the green issues that continues to plague this country. As he worked to make these issue more aware to people, he began to incorporate ways to make the building blend in with the environment rather than stand out like many architects of his time.

James Wines was a stronger believer in using hand drawings as the main design for his buildings. In an online article, Wines stated, “I consider drawing more as a way of exploring the physical and psychological state of inclusion.” He also stated that when a person takes their unique creativity and filters it using technology, “the accidental incidents of genius is lost”

Wines later founded SITE (Sculpture in the Environment), an architectural and environmental design organization located in New York. They have designed many buildings and structures internationally and locally.

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