Pathways: In or Out?

Photo of Pathways protest from PSC CUNY's website. Photo of Pathways protest from PSC CUNY's website.

Photo of Pathways protest from PSC CUNY’s website.

Now’s the time for some underclass men and women to make a choice by Darlene Bueno

In the face of extreme controversy, loud protest and even a lawsuit, this fall CUNY will implement the Pathways system across its undergraduate colleges. Designed to enable a smoother process for students seeking to transfer between colleges within the system, it will establish common general core requirements and learning outcomes for courses throughout CUNY Colleges. At CCNY, Pathways will mean that most students will need fewer general education requirements than they do now.

The new system will apply to freshmen coming in in the fall. Students who entered a CUNY school before fall 2013  have the option to “opt in” to the new system. Last month, President Lisa Staiano-Coico sent all students an email letting them know that with registration for fall 2013 classes around the corner its good to be informed.

Some students believe that by reducing the general requirements for graduation, students are deprived from their education. “CUNY should be good for price not a cheap education,” explains Frank Ponciano, a sophomore at City College studying psychology.

Gisselle Dominguez, a City College alumni, agrees. “A student’s education should not be cut down even if it’s better for transfer students,” she argues. “Things should just stay the way they were, things were perfectly fine.”

Though most faculty seem to be against Pathways, one professor says that she likes the idea. “I was a transfer student myself and I know it would be great to know that all your credits will be transferred and none will have to be retaken,” says the MCA professor, who requested anonymity.

Will you “opt in” to this system? For more information, click here.




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