Safe and Sound?

Scene after the Boston Marathon bombing, courtesy of NY Times. Scene after the Boston Marathon bombing, courtesy of NY Times.

Scene after the Boston Marathon bombing, courtesy of NY Times.

In the wake of Boston Marathon bombings, The Campus spoke to the head of Public Safety about keeping CCNY secure by Elina Vargas

Many CCNY students pass by the Public Safety Department in NAC 4/201, without knowing what it is or about its importance, especially after the Boston Marathon incident, and the Texas plant explosion.

Many students feel on edge after watching the many news reports of both tragedies. But according to Douglas M. White, the deputy Director of Public Safety and Security of City College, his staff is well prepared for emergencies. He notes that after the Boston event, the NYPD came to City College to check out the safety of the students. They took this precaution, because New York City may have been considered a target by the Boston bombers. “The minimum time for the police to get to the campus is 5 minutes,” he explained.

“The most important part of his job,” says White, who a 21-year veteran of CCNY, “is to make sure that the safety of the students and campus is secure.”

For more information, go to In case of emergency on campus, call: 7777 24/7.

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