An open discussion between students, faculty and alumni brought up the issues surrounding sexual assault, the military, and the increased militarization on campus. 

Written and photo taken by Christian Hernandez,


The Campus magazine

Students, faculty and alumni gathered in the North Academic Center for the screening of a documentary focusing on the problem of sexual assault within the military. The event, moderated by CCNY Faculty, the PSC Committee on the Militarization of CUNY, CCNY Students without Borders, and the CUNY Prison Divest campaign, served as an opportunity for open discussion amongst the CCNY community on the increased militarization and the lack of gender resources on campus, and on the lack of response from the college and military on handling sexual assault.

The Invisible War, directed by Kirby Dick in 2012, takes a closer look at the issue of sexual assault within the military by giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of those affected.  Interviews from veterans who were victims — both men and women — and interviews from administrators working closely with the military brings to the surface the lack of response when dealing with a sexual assault case and the lack of support for sexual assault victims.

Following the screening of The Invisible War, the crowd chimed in:

“As a student watching [the documentary], I didn’t really know how to react. Like wow! This is something that happens at City College … it’s scary to think that they promote: go to college, get a good education and you’ll have a great time, when you’re not told about all these things that can happen,” stated a CCNY student.

“So you heard one side because every time you turn on the television you see an army or marine endorsement, but now once a month we’ll show you something to give you the other side,” stated a faculty moderator.

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