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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.00.13 AMWhy you should head downtown to the Tribeca Film Festival. By Meagan DelVecchio & Ricardo Andrés Verdesoto

Lower Manhattan is buzzing as the Tribeca Film Festival kicks off. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the festival runs from April 13th- April 24th.

Tribeca is internationally known for showcasing indie features, foreign films, documentaries and big-name talent, as well as a new wave of up-and-coming filmmakers. This year more than ever CCNY students can enjoy a piece of the festivities, and surround themselves in the magic of filmmaking. While often seen as a red-carpet and VIP only event, the festival also offers a handful of freebies as part of their “Tribeca on Location” events.

On Saturday April 23rd from 10 AM-6 PM the Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair, and ESPN Sports Day will be open to the public to enjoy free of charge. The street fair is a community-based celebration of events, workshops, and screenings. ESPN Sports Day allows fans of all ages to participate in a variety of sports games, and challenges with their favorite New York teams organizations and teams.

This year, the festival aligns with CUNY’s spring break and can offer a nice reprieve from stressors as the semester winds down. The Tribeca Festival Hub is a draw for anyone interested in the latest technology, and experiencing movies and gaming. It features over 20 virtual reality projects and interactive installations that allow fans to experience innovative storytelling as well as participate in a day-long gameathon with top gaming innovators and industry voices. The Festival Hub is all about putting the viewer in the driver’s seat, and it promises to provide plenty of excitement.

For those not interested in tech advances, the festival offers Tribeca Talks. The Talks will include New York natives: Rosie Perez, Martin Scorsese, and Anthony Bourdain as well as a lineup of influential women in Hollywood, podcasting, comedy, tech and other industries. While these events are not free, it can still be an opportunity for students to attend and listen in on some of the industry’s most influential and leading personalities in film. The experts talk about their process and the steps taken to achieve their success, as well as details on their latest work featured in the Festival.

Some film students hold the event in high regard and look forward to the next week and a half. “It’s awesome! I’ve been a videographer for a very long time, so the Tribeca Film Festival is a collection of the best,” says MCA student Nate Cox, 21. “I hope to one day have my work featured there.” As CCNY’s film and video program continues to be one of the oldest active film curriculums in the United States, currently enrolled and applicant students can experience the festival with ease. With tickets starting as little as $10 – it’s a must for all movie fans. GET TICKETS HERE, and keep an eye out for budget friendly “rush tix.”

Here are two titles that stand out:
Win! (Documentary) Directed by Justin Webster tells the story of the birth of our first New York City professional soccer team: NYCFC. Offering an in-depth look at what it takes to build a team from the ground up, this isn’t only a sports story – it is a New York City story sure to both inspire and serve as an eye-opener for many sports fans yet to explore and experience soccer in the city. ABOUT FILM.

All This Panic (Documentary), directed by Jenny Gage follows two New York City middle-class Manhattan sisters, as they explore and navigate through life as teenagers. The film is about taking on challenges of everyday life, such as schools, boy-troubles, parties, and the pressures of looming adulthood. While often times adults are quick to remind teenagers that they don’t know what the world has in store for them, this film shows that teenage girls are more aware and perceptive of what is happening around them.


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