https-blueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com-uploads-card-image-223028-ap_93714295893Younger voters across the city are on path to put Hillary Clinton in the White House by Cristal Moris

Last week, Donald Trump referred to African-American communities as “ghettos,” as he promised to tackle the problem in inner cities. That felt like the last straw for Kervin Soto, an account executive who lives in Brooklyn. “He honestly scares me,” says Soto, 26. “In a time where a man can feed so much negativity into people’s minds about plethora of issues like a wall, Muslim ban, or the latest streak of disrespecting women, goes to show that he’s not fit for the presidency.”

Like Soto, many millennials, especially the most progressive, strongly believe in the idea of “anybody but Trump.”

Following months of heated debates, Twitter threats and leaks, the controversial presidential race finally comes to an end next week. Even as Trump insists that the election will be “rigged,” many of the youngest voters have already turned away from him following a number of controversial comments about ethnicity and the accusations of sexual assault by a number of women. Even those who don’t trust Hillary Clinton, say they would never vote for Trump. And as election grows closer, they are becoming more vocal about their support for her.

“I’m voting for Hillary who’s more competent to run this country than Trump, who’s racists and unstable,” said Elizabeth Lorenzo, 26, a retail manager who lives in Washington Heights. As indicated Wednesday by Harvard University Institute of Publics, about 49 percent of millennials are backing up Hillary Clinton, compared to 21 percent that are backing Donald Trump.

Others take a more positive view. They actually believe in Clinton who has shown a plan of action for various topics important to them. ‘Her presidency will come at a time where there is such a need for policy change in all fonts. I am part of a very complex system where I identify as a brown, gay immigrant,” said Jose Dejesus- Gil, 27 a program administrator who lives in Brooklyn. “This goes to the extent of LGBTQ rights, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, to which she has spoken in length in having a plan of action that falls within the borders of her presidency.”

Young feminists feel proud that Clinton broke a historic barrier by accepting the presidential nomination from a major political party. “Hillary becoming the first woman president is necessary,” said Melissa Montan, 25, an analyst who lives in Tribeca.” We are at a point in American politics where the dynamics are changing in a direction that askes for diversity and inclusiveness.”

Montan hopes that if Clinton gets elected, she will keep her promises to make the country better. “Without a doubt, she is the most qualified candidate and the fact that she is a woman really goes to show the growth within the electoral establishment,” she said.

What about Trump? “Trump is a difficult person to characterize, we understand what he’s capable of doing,” added Montan. “But we are yet to see where his limits lie.”


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