By Dayana Perez

Naomi poses in front of the United Nations.

Naomi Beaubrun first studied abroad in the Netherlands during the summer of 2016. As she finished her term, she felt confident as a Haitian-American, scholar, writer, traveler, and future entrepreneur to inspire others in her new role. After several more scholarly trips, Beaubrun became the college’s study abroad ambassador.

Her first academic adventure inspired her to take more study abroad opportunities. She has also traveled to Israel in Summer 2017. Her most recent in January journey landed her in Argentina. Naomi states, “studying abroad was the most impactful because of my personal, spiritual, educational, and mental growth.” She emphasizes that every country she has been to challenges her preconceived notions of education, social cues, and cultural nuances.

In Amsterdam, Naomi was impressed by the professors who not only had high expectations for their students, but they also reciprocated a strong sense of responsibility and respect towards higher education through engaging class discussions, assignments and continual support until the end of the term. “There, every encounter I had with my friends from Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, my classmates, church family, flat-mates – who were from countries all over the world – helped me redefine my sense of self as an individual. By sharing their culture (food – my favorite – music, holidays, and long conversations), my cultural awareness blossomed.”

“I am passionate about walking students through the application process, funding opportunities, pre-departure checklist and adapting during and after their trip,” she states. “Spring 2018, I will chair a new program with the City College Study Abroad Office along with other ambassadors to share our experiences, create awareness and encourage students to enhance their college experience through international education.”

Her plan for Spring 2018 is to chair a new program at The City College of College, along with other ambassadors. As ambassadors, they plan to share their experiences, create awareness and encourage students to enhance their college experience through international education

Naomi will be recruiting ambassadors starting this month. At the moment, she advises any student who shows interest in studying abroad.

Our CCNY Study Abroad office is located at the North Academic Center in room 5/216.

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