By: David Marulanda


Professor Hedberg in the planetarium.

The planetarium first opened in 1972 along with the Marshak Building and served as a classroom for the first few decades of its operation. It also welcomed visiting local schools during that time. Slowly, it began to have its usage limited and for many years it remained in the dark. After having fallen into disregard over the last decade or so, the planetarium’s future appears bright. Professor Hedberg updated the room’s display and projection equipment in an effort to modernize the aged facility. The room had the original opto-mechanical system from 1972 in place until the upgrade to an IMAX-like projection system. Professor Hedberg is intent on seeing the planetarium enjoy a higher usage than in recent history, perhaps even similar to what it had in its heyday.On Monday, October 22, Professor James Hedberg of the Physics Department will host an open house in the planetarium featuring an afternoon of displays and tours of the solar system beginning at 11 AM.

See the flyer for more information. All City College students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

Also, enjoy the following clipping from our very own Campus magazine reporting on the planetarium, circa 1975.

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