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Harlem’s Dave East & Yonkers’ Styles P. Team Up for a Beloved Collaboration

shale briskin harlem articlw

By: Shale Briskin Photo By: Shale Briskin   Not many things in life are more complex than hip-hop, and few types of hip-hop, if any, are more complex than the gritty sound of New York street hip-hop. However, most New York rappers that fit this profile are longtime veterans from the 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, […]

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The November That I Decided I Wanted to be a Writer


By: Sarah Logan Photo By: Sarah Logan   I’ve always had this intuitive feeling inside of me that I was meant to be a writer. I used to create little books made from computer paper and written with crayons. I’d write about the adventures of my stuffed animals and the funny situations I encountered with […]

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By: Deja Senna-Leslie Photos By: Deja Senna-Leslie   It was a lovely, breezy Sunday afternoon when I took a quick stroll through some unfamiliar streets in Harlem. I noticed a pattern of murals and graffiti consuming the buildings like decorative tattoos. It can be a magical experience to be exposed to so much visual arts […]

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New York Enforces Long Overdue Mental Health Education

mental health

By: Ibtasam Elmaliki Photo By: Ibtasam Elmaliki   On July 1, 2018 New York became the first state to enact a law that requires all public schools to incorporate mental health into their health curriculum. The law took effect in September once the school year started. As of now, there are no strict guidelines on […]

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A Study of the Third Floor Balcony of the Great Hall


By: Clark Adomaitis Photos By: Clark Adomaitis   I sat on the third floor balcony of the Great Hall on the early afternoons of a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. No events occurred, only students relaxing. I recorded and reviewed the sights, sounds, and smells.   Thursday, September 27, 1:30 P.M. My mood instantly goes […]

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You Are Not Alone: Domestic Violence Awareness Month


By: Jaquelin Bautista Photo by: Jaquelin Bautista   The “Day of Unity” in October of 1981 advocated for an end to violence against women and their children. What was once a single day, became an entire week dedicated for activities to bring awareness to domestic violence. The themes of these events consisted of mourning those […]

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In Other Words: Dr. Luo, Atmospheric Science, and the Approaching Turbulence of Climate Change


By: Victor Anosike Photo By: Victor Anosike   This October, the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) essentially decreed an international emergency when they stated that the Earth’s atmosphere will warm up by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040, if greenhouse emissions continue at their current rate, according to the New York Times. The […]

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On City College’s “Coming Out Week”

Coming Out Week

By: Dustin Graziano Photo By: Dustin Graziano, Graphic By: Katie Herchenroeder   “Coming Out Week” was a series of events that took place at City College in recognition and support of the LGBTQ community. Participants at the events bonded together in an inclusive environment and embodied the amount of pride there is for the LGBTQ […]

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A Newly Improved Planetarium Opens its Doors this October

Professor Hedberg in the planetarium.

By: David Marulanda   The planetarium first opened in 1972 along with the Marshak Building and served as a classroom for the first few decades of its operation. It also welcomed visiting local schools during that time. Slowly, it began to have its usage limited and for many years it remained in the dark. After […]

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American Pain

But what happens when the pink elephant eats you, chews you up and spits you back out_ There is pain everywhere, always. (2)

By: Ania Wojas Graphic By: Katie Herchenroeder   You’re sitting in a chair now, probably, whoever you are. You’ve got socks on and pants and maybe you’re holding a pencil. You feel these things. But not all the time. They don’t bring you pain. The mind is great at selective attention. But now that I’ve […]

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SJP and Supporters Protest SSI Event with Controversial Speaker


By: Brahmjot Kaur and Nate Izzo Photos By: Nate Izzo and Katie Herchenroeder On Thursday, November 15, 2018, StudentsSupporting Israel […]

“What do you want me to do, it’s decomposing in the walls.”


By: Makeda Viechweg The MCA computer room where no eating or drinking is allowed, smelled of a dead mouse.The two hour […]

CCNY and the Midterms: An In-Depth Look at the Midterm Election Results of 2018

CCNY and the Midterms Graphic

By: Sarah Logan Illustration By: Sarah Logan On November 6, Americans all over the country flooded to their local poll […]

A Collective Journey at CCNY

journey project part two

By: Jaqueline Bautista Notes hang from purple string wrapped around the pillars of the Presidents Hall at The City College […]

Concerns Arise for Residents after a Flood at The Towers


By: Dustin Graziano Photos by: Dustin Graziano   The Flood On the evening of Saturday, October 27th, fire alarms sounded and residents […]

The R Word


By: Jada Gordon Illustrations By: Katie Herchenroeder   My uncle Kenny has rightfully assumed the role of an old man […]