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Lights Out for Student Life

Lights Out for Student Life

Former USG President explains what comes next. BY:Christian Hernandez Due to conflict between candidates and SERC in May’s student government elections (click here to read more), the results may get thrown out. In other words, there is a chance that City College will not have a student government until the semester kicks off in late […]

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USG Election Shenanigans


As candidates demand a recall, students worry about a “government shutdown” in the fall BY Christian Hernandez & Laura Taveras The voting ended a month ago, but drama over the student government elections continues. Several Undergraduate Student Government officials and candidates have accused the Student Elections Review Committee of violating protocols, and as a result […]

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Our Top Students Rock Commencement

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.25.06 PM

Michelle Obama — and our graduates — were the main event at CCNY’s 2016 commencement. But the audience was also blown away by our valedictorian, Antonios “Andoni” Mourdoukoutas, a Macaulay Honors student and, especially our salutatorian, Orubba Almansouri, a Yemeni immigrant and SEEK student. FLOTUS showed her love on instagram with a post that went […]

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Michelle Obama Addresses CCNY’s Graduating Class of 2016


Photo by Curtis Ashley By Curtis Ashley   It was a sight to see: thousands of City College graduates, and their families, covered the Great Lawn on South Campus to witness history. People lined up as early as six in the morning to watch Michelle Obama, the guest speaker, deliver her final commencement speech as […]

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Why Our Education Matters

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A front-page New York Times article discussed CCNY’s financial problems — and the lack of assistance for CUNY from the state. Here’s our take: As financing for college plummets and tuition soars, students and faculty wonder who will stand up for the future of public education by Saif Choudhury As a young boy playing computer […]

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CCNY Charging Engineers for Excellence


BY Christian Hernandez & Laura Taveras   Fallout has heated up over a new fee for all CCNY engineering students. The so-called excellence fee requires all Grove undergrads to pay an additional $300 a year divided into two payments of $150 a semester. This new fee falls on engineering students’ shoulders, just as a yearly […]

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Breaking News: Provost Maurizio Trevisan Resigns


Earlier this week, Maurizio Trevisan resigned his position as provost of City College, the number-two position under President Lisa Staiano Coico. This move adds to the administrative storm that began last year with word of the college’s $14 million budget crisis. Trevisan will serve as full-time dean of the new CUNY School of Medicine at […]

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USG Elections — It’s Not Too Late to Cast Your Ballot

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Voting ends Thursday May 5 @ 9 PM. Here’s what you need to know by Laura Taveras  All students registered for a degree can vote in this year’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) elections. Voting started Monday, May 3, 2016, at 10 AM and ends Thursday, May 5 at 9 PM. Computers are available to students […]

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Engineers Without Borders Changes the Lives of Hundreds

CCNY’s EWB Chapter

A five-year venture that will give clean water to Nicaragua BY Anthony Viola   Everyone can agree that water is essential. The United States is built on a society where much of its population does not have to worry about having water. Unfortunately, this access is often taken for granted, as there are many places […]

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Presidential Election Update

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[View the story “Harlem Feels the ‘Bern’” on Storify]

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