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CCNY Mourns Student Killed in Apparent Murder-Suicide


Just after Thanksgiving, City College student Aaron Raines was killed in what is believed to be a murder suicide. Raines and 26-year-old Anthony DiLorenzo, a resident of Virginia, were found dead inside a Washington Heights apartment on November 29 at 11:20 PM, according to PIX11. Labeling it domestic violence, police think DiLorenzo shot Raines in […]

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Post Election Thoughts


Interim CCNY President Vincent Boudreau shares thoughts on the national election: To many of you, the world today must feel a colder and more lonely place. Over the past months, we have watched the parameters of what is acceptable in our political and social life, and in the speech acts associated with that life, shift […]

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TEDxCUNY Comes to City College

Photo of TEDxCUNY

Students learn how to hustle within their own identity by Katie Herchenroeder The City College of New York is often called one of the most diverse colleges in the United States. On November 1, students learned the difference between knowing to know and knowing to grow. This was the theme at the TEDxCUNY event on Tuesday in the NAC Ballroom. It tackled how […]

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Breaking News: Vincent Boudreau Named Interim CCNY President


CUNY’s Board of Trustees today named an insider to replace Lisa Coico as president of CCNY. Dr. Vincent Boudreau, dean of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership since 2014, will serve as president — for now. Below, the announcement from CUNY chancellor James Milliken, and click here for David Chen’s New York […]

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Head Administrator in Charge (Finally) Speaks Out


Mary Driscoll, who is running the college by default, addresses students By Ashley Kalstek It doesn’t seem like CCNY will be replacing President Lisa Coico any time soon. In presenting his university report to the board, Chancellor James Milliken said that an interim president will not be announced on October 26th as planned, but “in […]

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Who’s Going to Win? Who Cares!


Some are getting fed up with the presidential election by Krystal Rivera As the election season with its scandals and bickering drags on, it’s clear that some CCNY students and Harlem residents are beginning to lose in interest in who wins. Who holds our future? “Neither!” exclaimed Samuel Batista, a student at CCNY in response […]

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Breaking News: President Lisa Coico Steps Down

Breakthrough in investigation into her finances leads to sudden resignation by Anthony Viola On the evening of October 7, Lisa S. Coico resigned from her position as confirmed from an e-mail sent from her office to the faculty. Coico served as the 12th president of the City College of New York. In the e-mail, Coico […]

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New Crime Report Says CCNY Is Pretty Darn Safe


Crime on campus continues to decline By Ashley Kalstek In a week of chaos at CCNY as President Lisa’s woes continue, a rare piece of good news. CUNY’s Public Safety released the Annual Security Report for CCNY last week and notes that our campus is safer than ever. The report concluded that the limited crimes […]

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Faculty Senate Peacemaker Resigns


The crisis at CCNY continues with the defection of our ombudsperson By Ashley Kalstek City College of New York faculty senate ombudsperson, Dr. Jane Gallagher, resigned immediately on September 27, according to an e-mail she sent to professors and staff. This adds another layer to the chaos on campus in the midst of a financial […]

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Clinton and Trump — The Debate Everyone’s Talking About


Harlem residents and CCNY students feel conflicted by the election spectacle  By Krystal Rivera Harlem residents quickly filled up Grill On The Hill, the popular bar located just across from CCNY on Amsterdam, last week as the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump began. (If you missed it, click here to watch.) […]

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