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CUNY Refunds Tuition to Undocumented Students


According to the Associated Press, CUNY has returned $4,000 to 150 undocumented students. New York is among 19 states that […]

Closing the Childhood Center


In a Faculty Senate meeting on November 20th, Professor Jeruzalmi announced the closing of the childcare and development center. He […]

CCNY Takes Albany


On Thursday, February 26th, City College students were among the many that participated in the annual Higher Education Day of […]

CCNY Announces New Course Withdrawal Process

City College has updated its course withdrawal process this spring in an effort to eliminate paper applications, shifting most of […]

Film Review: Dear White People

Dear White People

  As Black History Month ends at City College, the city university decided to end the annual celebration with the […]

At City, Everything Really Isn’t Awesome

  The City College of New York has been seen as one of the more prestigious public colleges in CUNY […]