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CCNY Mourns Student Killed in Apparent Murder-Suicide


Just after Thanksgiving, City College student Aaron Raines was killed in what is believed to be a murder suicide. Raines and 26-year-old Anthony DiLorenzo, a resident of Virginia, were found dead inside a Washington Heights apartment on November 29 at 11:20 PM, according to PIX11. Labeling it domestic violence, police think DiLorenzo shot Raines in […]

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Author Susan Faludi Discusses Her Surprising New Book


“In the Darkroom” looks at the award-winning author’s father and his decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery By Krystal Rivera I have decided that I have had enough of impersonating a macho aggressive man that I have never been inside. That was the email Susan Faludi, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and award winning author, received […]

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Why It’s Good to Give


The Campus sits down with City College Fund’s annual fund manager to discuss philanthropy during the holiday season by Ashley Kalstek “All the learning and educational enrichment opportunities that go beyond CCNY’s classroom education…study abroad, engineering teams presenting at conferences, the Zahn Center, some sports, and scholarships, (even the piano in the NAC Rotunda), come […]

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Making Beautiful Music


Composers take the stage at CCNY By Krystal Rivera Many talented musicians including special guests female conductor Tania leon, and composers, Pedro Giraudo and David Cieri took the stage in CCNY, Marian Anderson theater for this years seventh gala opening concert series, “Composers in New York.” With a standing ovation, Adan Vasquez, known for his […]

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Registration Survival Guide


Yes, it’s hectic, but here’s help By Krystal Rivera Have your emplid ID’s ready because registration has begun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, transfer, or senior. The process can go from easy to agonizing in just a few clicks. “Most classes are already full by registration,” states Kayshawna Sadler a psych major. Often […]

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Post Election Thoughts


Interim CCNY President Vincent Boudreau shares thoughts on the national election: To many of you, the world today must feel a colder and more lonely place. Over the past months, we have watched the parameters of what is acceptable in our political and social life, and in the speech acts associated with that life, shift […]

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Millenials Still Stuck on Bernie


By Kacy George South Park recently spoofed the presidential election season by dubbing the two major candidates, “Giant Douche” (Donald Trump) and “Turd Sandwich” (Hillary Clinton). In doing so, they highlight a common sentiment among New York millennial voters–– many of whom voted for Bernie Sanders during the primary. “Definitely not Trump!” Jason Pacheco, 22, […]

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Breaking News: Vincent Boudreau Named Interim CCNY President


CUNY’s Board of Trustees today named an insider to replace Lisa Coico as president of CCNY. Dr. Vincent Boudreau, dean of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership since 2014, will serve as president — for now. Below, the announcement from CUNY chancellor James Milliken, and click here for David Chen’s New York […]

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Head Administrator in Charge (Finally) Speaks Out


Mary Driscoll, who is running the college by default, addresses students By Ashley Kalstek It doesn’t seem like CCNY will be replacing President Lisa Coico any time soon. In presenting his university report to the board, Chancellor James Milliken said that an interim president will not be announced on October 26th as planned, but “in […]

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New Crime Report Says CCNY Is Pretty Darn Safe


Crime on campus continues to decline By Ashley Kalstek In a week of chaos at CCNY as President Lisa’s woes continue, a rare piece of good news. CUNY’s Public Safety released the Annual Security Report for CCNY last week and notes that our campus is safer than ever. The report concluded that the limited crimes […]

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