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Where’s Their Money?


Why our faculty is mad as hell By Jazmin Rosa Our faculty and staff members have been lacking contracts for five years. They haven’t seen a raise for six. Now, they are turning up the heat. Earlier this fall, fifty-four CUNY professors and staffers – including a number from CCNY’s campus – were arrested during […]

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Glad You Chose CCNY?

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A review of CUNY colleges based on new College Scorecard by Saif Choudhury President Obama recently launched a new initiative called the College Scorecard. The new database is aimed at providing information that could help students select the colleges that fit them best. “You’ll be able to see how much each school’s graduates earn, how […]

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Handling Our Crazy Fall Semester Schedule

Handling Our Crazy Fall Semester Schedule

How students and professors are dealing with days off and rescheduled classes the first few weeks of school by Kema Carwin A new school year had begun, and with it comes the expected–a new schedule, new adjustments and the not so new “vacation brain” that lingers at the beginning of each semester. One unfamiliar adaption: […]

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CCNY Announces New Course Withdrawal Process

City College has updated its course withdrawal process this spring in an effort to eliminate paper applications, shifting most of the student interface to CUNYfirst’s Self-Service tab. Starting on February 25th, all undergraduate students have received a service indicator on their records with the label “NWD” (Course Withdrawal Not Permitted Not Permitted Without Academic Advising). […]

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At City, Everything Really Isn’t Awesome

  The City College of New York has been seen as one of the more prestigious public colleges in CUNY for a long time now.  It’s seen as the “flagship college” of CUNY and as a comprehensive teaching, research and service institution dedicated to accessibility and excellence in undergraduate education. So now that we’re past […]

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The Faculty Senate Addresses Budget Allocation Issues


The faculty senate came together Thursday the 19th for its monthly meeting in Shepard Hall. The agenda was fairly typical and when the budget talks began it was all I could do to stay awake. Until College Resource Committee Chair Kevin Foster took the stage and posed an interesting problem: should the budget be allocated […]

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Roosevelt Institute Wins MacArthur Grant for Extraordinary Creativity and Effectiveness


  City College’s own Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network Chapter is among nine honorees receiving a grant for Extraordinary Creativity and Effectiveness by the MacArthur Foundation. The award, good for a sum of $750,000, was announced February 4th. According to the MacArthur Foundation, the award is “both a recognition of past achievements and an investment […]

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CUNY Releases PSAs on Sexual Assault


  CUNY-TV has produced three short public service announcements detailing what Title IX is, and what to do should you witness or experience sexual assault. These were created in response to growing concern of the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses around the United States. If you or someone you know have been sexually […]

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The Fight Against Sexual Assault

sex assault

A new campaign offers help and hope. Recently, all CUNY students received an email about the University’s proposed policy against sexual harassment and sexual violence. CUNY has assembled a working group of lawyers, student affairs professionals and other administrators who have been meeting frequently to determine how to revise its bylaws and policies.This comes in […]

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Tuition Increase: Where’s Your Money Going?


CUNY students speak out over $300 hike by Roxanne Reid Like many CUNY students, Vern Philip, who attends New York City College of Technology, is unaware of where his tuition dollars go and is upset that tuition is once again on the rise. “I’m aware that my teachers and other school employees get paid,” he […]

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