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Easier, Earlier FAFSA from Obama

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News about financial aid By Laura Taveras For decades the process of applying for financial aid has prevented many students from applying, entering, and staying in college. But that may change. On September 14, President Obama along with Arne Duncan, his secretary of education, announced significant changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid […]

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No More Money? That Aint Funny

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In the midst of a budget crisis, will financial aid be the first to go? by Saif Choudhury During the week, Zumana Miyfa, a junior at the City College of New York, is busy managing her 17-credit schedule – full of pre-med classes like organic chemistry and microbiology. Over the weekends, however, Miyfa works part-time […]

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Financial Aid — The Music Video

Vega Tigarrius turned exasperation into inspiration

How one former student turned frustration into art. Vega Tigarrius knows the difficulty of dealing with financial aid. Like many students he got the runaround, and even dropped his classes while attending Middle Tennessee State University. But out of frustration came inspiration: He created a song and music video “Man They Playing with My Financial […]

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Refund Check “Ballin'”


Doing the right thing–or not–with financial aid checks. Financial aid refund checks come in at the start of every semester. With 87 percent of students at CCNY taking out school loans, many receive the check, the remaining money a student receives after paying all of the school dues. But are refund checks really being used […]

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Untangling Your Financial Aid

The scene at CCNY's financial aid office

Don’t let confusion about your money stress you out by Carrie Jeremy  The financial aid office, located in the Willie Administration Building Room 104 is one busy place. At this time of year, students flood the office verifying that all the paper work for student money is intact. To receive a book advance a student […]

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Why Do So Many Students Drop Out? Money!


 The high drop out and low graduation rates explained By Phaimie Jean Jacques Most students cannot graduate from college in four years. A new report, American Dream 2.0, found that 46 percent of students who attend U.S. colleges do not graduate within six years. At CCNY only 10 percent of students get out in four years, […]

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Which Candidate Is Best for Us? 10-18-12


City Never Sleeps by Joyce Li Which candidate represents the college student body?: In case you haven’t noticed, the cost of a college education has been steadily rising over the past two years. In addition to the slow economy, people graduating with degrees have still not been able to find a job. According to a […]

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Why the Long Wait for Financial Aid?

Financial Aid office

Aggravated students weigh in By Jennifer De Leon  The CCNY financial aid office should think about offering a complimentary pillow and blanket, with the student’s average wait ranging from two to four hours. According to the financial aid website, more than 70 percent of the student population receives some sort of assistance. So while annoying, the […]

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Emergency $$$


Find out ways CCNY offers money to help students with rising college costs. by Kritzie Roberts. Last semester, Chavonne Hodges came “this close” to dropping out of City College. A flood destroyed her home in Queens and almost everything inside, including her schoolbooks. Despite a part-time job, she didn’t have enough money to make ends meet—and […]

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Who Should Pay for College—Parents or Students?

In a tough economy, students across the country are struggling to pay for college. According to finaid.org, two-thirds of 4-year graduating seniors left school with some debt in 2009-10. The average student loan? $23,186 (excluding PLUS Loans but including Stafford, Perkins, state, college and private loans) At CCNY, in the face of tuition hikes and […]

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CUNY Faculty Members Demand Higher Wages from Administration


submitted by: Michael C. Bohn, Sr. On December 4, over 100 faculty and staff from throughout The City University of New […]

Book Recommendations: Continuation from November Issue


By: Aurora Soriano In the past hour, you’ve probably thought about dropping everything and traveling to somewhere a lot less […]

Interim President Introduces DACA Phone Bank

Interim President Introduces DACA Phone Bank

News Editor Katie Herchenroeder speaks with Interim President Vincent Boudreau, NYPIRG Project Coordinator Leo Gracia, and Higher Education Project Leader […]

Collegiate Diversity Generates Change at Invention Corps

Collegiate Diversity Generates Change at Invention Corps

By: Katie Herchenroeder On Thursday November 2nd, students from all academic backgrounds competed in a “Design Hunt” put on by […]

Newly Discovered Insect Named After CCNY Professor

Newly Discovered Insect Named After CCNY Professor

By: Anthony Viola Researchers in Central Park named their recent discovery after Professor David Lohman. Since 2009, Lohman has instructed […]

10 Fall TV Shows You Should be Watching

10 Fall TV Shows You Should be Watching

By: Liz Gluck With the fall semester well underway and exam season approaching, every student will be looking for the […]