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The Myth of the 4-Year Degree


Most students take much longer to graduate from college–here’s why According to a new report from Complete College America, a majority of students at American public colleges do not graduate on time. Only 19% of full time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. The non-profit profit group, based in Indianapolis, released the latest […]

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Will You Find a Job After CCNY?


With graduation approaching, students worry about the future Bryan Reid Though the unemployment rate dropped recently, from 7.9 to 7.7 percent, it’s still bad all over. With the economy in a flux, it remains a scramble just to find work. A recent study showed at 53 percent of recent grads are either unemployed or underemployed. […]

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The Graduate Salute: A Waste of Time?

The Graduate Salute: A Waste of Time?

The three-day event left many looking for more by Seymone Kelly. Last week was a bittersweet moment for seniors. “The 2012 Graduate Salute,” organized by the Career Center, gave them a chance to buy their cap and gown, purchase diploma frames and take or schedule graduation photos. Though the three-day event was well-organized and well […]

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Internships: Get the Inside Scoop

Internships: Get the Inside Scoop

A Q&A with a student who got to work alongside Kelly Ripa, the Kardashians and Beyoncé at her dream jobs. by Caitlyn Kane With summer just around the corner and the idea of getting an internship weighing down on you, the thought of applying and going through the interview process can seem daunting.  But stress […]

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Get Ready for the Real World


Hey Seniors: Are you prepared? Here’s what soon-to-be grads need to know by Jamelia Lowman. After years of studying, sleepless nights and papers, graduation is around the corner. College seniors: are you ready for the real world? Selicia Smith, a senior at City College, admits that she is overwhelmed and anxious about her upcoming graduation. […]

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Talk The Talk

Job Fair Held In New York

As graduation draws near, students all over the country are looking for jobs in this volatile job market. Kashima Grant, a City College senior, spends most of her free time looking for job or internship opportunity, trying to get her foot in the door. The interview is the hardest part for her. “No matter how […]

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With Midterms and Graduation on the Way, How to Improve Time Management

Most experts will tell you that to stay healthy (and sane), getting eight hours of sleep is a must. But last week, Christina Arnold, a City College graduating senior, was able to squeeze in less than five hours a night. “With school full time, work full time and my internship 24 hours a week I […]

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Sexual Assault on Campus — A National Crisis


Screenings of The Hunting Ground and discussions at City College raise awareness by Enoye Uwa Rape has decreased over the […]

Lawmakers Propose Free MetroCards for CUNY Students


Last Thursday, two New York City lawmakers proposed legislation that would be make CUNY students’ lives just a little bit easier. […]

Understand the Past, Empower the Future

Understand the Past, Empower the Future

This year, Black History Month held special significance for my students in Brownsville. Black history – like that of all […]

Worker Appreciation: Cafeteria Workers On Campus

Worker Appreciation Event

As we all strive for a better future as bright-eyed college students, the shadows of the working poor trail us, […]

Thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Video


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N708P-A45D0 Ted Cruz is in. Marco Rubio is in. Rand Paul is in. And now, finally, the first Democrat is […]

Business as Usual as CCNY Outdoor Track Opens Season

Anticipation, the buildup…There’s nothing in the world like it. A fresh track, a new start, another chance at winning another […]