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Millenials Still Stuck on Bernie


By Kacy George South Park recently spoofed the presidential election season by dubbing the two major candidates, “Giant Douche” (Donald Trump) and “Turd Sandwich” (Hillary Clinton). In doing so, they highlight a common sentiment among New York millennial voters–– many of whom voted for Bernie Sanders during the primary. “Definitely not Trump!” Jason Pacheco, 22, […]

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Millennials Prefer Hillary


Younger voters across the city are on path to put Hillary Clinton in the White House by Cristal Moris Last week, Donald Trump referred to African-American communities as “ghettos,” as he promised to tackle the problem in inner cities. That felt like the last straw for Kervin Soto, an account executive who lives in Brooklyn. […]

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Veils and Hijabs, Uncovered


City College discussion focuses on Muslim women and their head coverings By Krystal Rivera “If you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably — maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say.” That is what presidential candidate Donald Trump said this summer, insulting the Muslim wife […]

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Clinton and Trump — The Debate Everyone’s Talking About


Harlem residents and CCNY students feel conflicted by the election spectacle  By Krystal Rivera Harlem residents quickly filled up Grill On The Hill, the popular bar located just across from CCNY on Amsterdam, last week as the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump began. (If you missed it, click here to watch.) […]

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Presidential Election Update

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.49.58 PM

[View the story “Harlem Feels the ‘Bern’” on Storify]

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November 3 Election: Who Cares? You Should

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Everyone’s focused on November 2016, but what about next month? by Nicolette Nanton November 3, the next election, but hardly anyone is paying attention. Everyone is focused on the presidential election—a year from now. So several candidates running for District Leader in Harlem remain completely unknown to CCNY students. The 2016 race for president — […]

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Presidential Campaign So Far — Students Weigh In


No one is sure who to vote for, if at all by Jazmin Rosa From February 1st to June 14th 2016, voters across the nation will vote to determine the final candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election. The New York primaries occur on April 19th, and the general election falls on November 8th. Many students […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Eliminate College Debt

Hillary Clinton Campaign

Now will you vote for her for president? by Gregory Cagle. The cost of education increases every year. Estimates show that since 2004, tuition and fees for in-state residents at public colleges have gone up 40 percent when adjusted for inflation. Students at CCNY know this all too well. Andrew Hill, a City College English […]

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Thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Video


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N708P-A45D0 Ted Cruz is in. Marco Rubio is in. Rand Paul is in. And now, finally, the first Democrat is in: Hillary Clinton. Her announcement came as no surprise to anyone. In fact, the message even stayed relatively the same as her previous campaign announcements – but the format and visuals of this one was […]

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Stories from Jewish and Muslim Students at CCNY

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Stories collected by Makeda Viechweg Below is a collection of stories from some members of the Muslim and Jewish communities […]

Shephard Hall Basement Men’s Restroom Review

hole use

By Clark Adomaitis Photos By Clark Adomaitis The basement of Shepard Hall is very small, but it still has some […]

Gender Neutral Bathroom Review

use this

By Nate IzzoPhotos By Nate Izzo Over the course of the recent past, one of the most prominent civil rights […]

The First Floor Women’s Bathroom Review

“I look for the little bin on the side all the time,” says student Farija. “Most of them don’t have it or they are filthy with exposed pads and tissue.” (1)

By Makeda ViechwegIllustrations By Katie Herchenroeder The first floor bathroom is a heavy-foot trafficked bathroom in the North Academic Center […]

SJP and Supporters Protest SSI Event with Controversial Speaker


By: Brahmjot Kaur and Nate Izzo Photos By: Nate Izzo and Katie Herchenroeder On Thursday, November 15, 2018, StudentsSupporting Israel […]

“What do you want me to do, it’s decomposing in the walls.”


By: Makeda Viechweg The MCA computer room where no eating or drinking is allowed, smelled of a dead mouse.The two hour […]