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Private Vs. Public Education? And More College News- 9/20/12


City Never Sleeps By Joyce Li  Private vs. Public: In today’s tough economy, public colleges may be the better choice for students and their family. Ironically, private universities have had a higher enrollment rate than public schools,  at least that’s the case in California. The U.S. Department of Education reports that average tuition has increased […]

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In Your Class: The Next Big Thing Online


Can our homegrown site beat out Facebook and Blackboard on campus? By Denai Brown Have you heard of the social networking website Inyourclass.com? You should. It was started in 2009 by four friends at CCNY and currently has 4,500 members. “It was created so that students can actually do work,” says Arber Ruci, one of […]

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InYourClass.com: Who is in Your Class?

“Who’s in your class?”  Inyourclass.com is the student project turned student network answering this question for hundreds students. Created in 2009 by four friends at City College who missing the feeling of community on campus, the site is now generating notable administration buzz and connecting classrooms throughout the CUNY system. So what is inyourclass.com? “It’s […]

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