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Can You Hear Me?


Probably not if your music is too loud. But Mayor Bloomberg has a solution by Shantia Dobson Mayor Bloomberg has once again found a way to create hysteria amongst New Yorkers. He has proposed a new ban on the volume of headphones, and will begin efforts to promote a social media awareness campaign. The campaign’s […]

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Where Are the Cigarettes?


Mayor Bloomberg’s latest public health proposal By Christina Gonzalez Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is at it again. As if trying to prevent the public from drinking large sugary drinks wasn’t enough, he is now attempting to force stores to put cigarettes out of sight. The goal of Bloomberg’s plan: to prevent smokers from making impulse […]

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Let’s Get High!


No, not yet. Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana. Should New York be next? by Bryan Reid Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana in the November elections, and many other states are considering making pot legal. A recent poll found that a record number of Californians support making marijuana legal—54 percent, compared to 13 percent […]

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Drink All the Soda You Want!


CCNY talks about the mayor’s ban on soft drinks and why the court said “no way” by Shan Cheema Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban was struck down by the state Supreme Court on March 11–before it went into effect. Even as the mayor and the health department make plans to appeal the ruling, the proposed ban […]

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Morning-After Pill for Teens?

Plan B image

 The debate rages as Mayor Bloomberg supports a school initiative by Jennifer De Leon With dozens of forms NYC parents have to fill out the beginning of the school year, one came as a surprise. It is for CATCH- Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health, a pilot program set out to distribute free prescription contraceptives, including birth […]

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Fare Hikes, Soda Bans & Old Homecoming Queens… Oh My! 10-16-2012


City Never Sleeps by Alex Aleman While many news stories appear to be far removed from most people’s daily lives, quite a few stories are affecting New York City students today. For all of you who thrive on caffeine, the soda ban might get shut down. On Friday, the soda industry filed a lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg’s […]

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Stanford@CCNY a No Go


The proposed deal for billion-dollar applied sciences collaboration falls apart In a startling turn of events, Stanford University pulled out of the race to create a state-of-the-art applied science and engineering school in partnership with CCNY. The joint venture, announced earlier this fall, was part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to jumpstart a Silicon Valley […]

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Locked Up!


Getting thrown in jail opens one student’s eyes to excessive marijuana arrests in New York City by Camille Sykes. My worst nightmare came true early this semester. A cold bench, a party dress and a  jail door slam were my reality early one Monday morning. I was standing outside a friend’s apartment when a police […]

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