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Have Club Hours Gone Too Wild?

Have Club Hours Gone Too Wild?

Some students think the chaos has become overwhelming As every CCNY students knows, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 2 the common areas of the campus become the setting for clubs to promote their passions and causes. It is a time when the campus communes and shares their interests in the form of club meetings, […]

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Going Up?


Not at CCNY with so many broken elevators Construction at CCNY has always been aggravating, but when the chaos makes students consider missing class, the issue escalates to a new level. The elevators in almost every building of the school are currently out of order, and people are extremely frustrated. The NAC building has four […]

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Smart Shopping Eases Bookstore Madness


Don’t panic about long lines to buy textbooks and supplies by Carrie Jeremy  The fall semester has arrived and students are scrambling to get their textbooks and supplies. At the CCNY bookstore, located in the NAC building, and are lined up out the door. Victor Wallace, a bookstore employee for 14 years, says the beginning […]

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Psychology Professor Bill Crain Speaks Out on Shakur/Morales Center


CCNY faculty shows solidarity with student and community protestors by Professor Bill Crain Since the early 1990s, NAC 3/201   (the “Morales/Shakur Center”) had been CCNY’s most prominent student space for the discussion of progressive ideas—ideas  about a more just society.  Student groups that felt at home in  this room included the Black Student Union, Students […]

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Students Fight Closing Of Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center

moeales center cropped

This is what remains of the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community & Student Center after CCNY’s actions over the weekend. For those unaware, the college locked down the NAC and the center early Sunday morning, preventing any more students from entering the Morris Raphael Cohen library. At 12 am, NYPD officers told students studying inside the […]

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Local Group Seeks To Fight Human Trafficking At CCNY

sex slave pic 1

For those walking in the NAC who saw these ads for sex slaves-rest easy. CCNY hasn’t descended that far into the abyss…yet. The flyers come courtesy of The Price Of Life NYC, a city-wide, faith-based organization dedicated to combating all forms of human trafficking. The group is holding a series of events here on campus […]

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New Bike Racks Installed Outside The NAC


For those of you afraid of locking your bike to those rails outside Wingate Hall, CCNY has answered your fears. We found these new bike racks directly outside the NAC. So now you can feel safer keeping that expensive Schwinn model on campus.

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Lavender Week Wrap Up


A look at the spring celebration on campus by Christal Somar Last week’s Lavender Week was in full swing on Thursday May 2 with music blasting, dancing and pure excitement during club hours. From 12pm-2pm, hundreds of students flooded the campus to celebrate Lavender Fest and show some school spirit before hitting the library to get […]

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Dare to Talk: Religious Tolerance at CCNY

Dare to Talk

The City College of New York prides itself as one of the most diverse universities not just in New York City, but in the entire country. With such a large student body comprised of people of many different cultures and faiths, it’s safe to assume that the majority of CCNY students are religiously tolerant. Wrong. […]

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The NAC’s New Tech Center


Cohen Library’s first floor gets a fresh new makeover by Amaani Bhamla Yes, last semester we called the NAC “nasty” and highlighted everything that was falling apart. But now we’re very excited about the new tech center on the ground floor of the NAC. It made a splashy debut on September 19 with 311 work […]

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CCNY Announces New Course Withdrawal Process

City College has updated its course withdrawal process this spring in an effort to eliminate paper applications, shifting most of […]

Film Review: Dear White People

Dear White People

  As Black History Month ends at City College, the city university decided to end the annual celebration with the […]

At City, Everything Really Isn’t Awesome

  The City College of New York has been seen as one of the more prestigious public colleges in CUNY […]

Teach for America Comes to CCNY


Teach for America (TFA) is a nonprofit that has been sending teachers across America for the past 25 years. With […]

The Faculty Senate Addresses Budget Allocation Issues


The faculty senate came together Thursday the 19th for its monthly meeting in Shepard Hall. The agenda was fairly typical […]

Men’s Basketball Season Crashes to End at Baruch


If there’s any bright side to the CCNY Men’s Basketball team’s loss at Baruch Sunday evening, it’s that they don’t […]