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How’s Registration Going?


It’s that time again; we check in with students As registration for spring 2015 classes continues–and everyone’s much more comfortable with the CUNYfirst system–we asked CCNY students how it’s working out. Many are hustling to get a good weekly class schedule. As the weather gets colder, others are trying their best to find an easy […]

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Kix for Cancer, Stress Relief and Animal Cruelty


City Never Sleeps by Ardenis Perez Lavender Fever Week Kix For Cancer The office of Student Life and Leadership Development invite CCNY students to the “Kix for Cancer” kickball tournament. Teams will compete in an organized game of kickball to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In order to participate you must gather […]

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Explaining Procrastination


Is it just plain laziness, fear of imperfection or something else? by Richard Dreier Procrastination affects everyone from time to time. It has the most impact on undergraduates however, especially around midterm time. Students continuously put off studying, writing papers, and doing projects for various reasons, even if they have a deadline that is weeks […]

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Managing Stress, A Cocked Piano And More For Tuesday

cocked hat piano

City Never Sleeps By Hannington Dia Stress Management Soup For The Student’s Soul On Tuesday, CCNY will be holding a stress management group session. Drop by to learn coping strategies for when the world lays too much on your shoulders. The group is free and open to all CCNY students without appointment. It runs from […]

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 Midterm season is here! And with it comes lots of studying, not enough sleep and plenty of stress. “I have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays,” said Anna, junior at CCNY. “But for this whole week, I have been coming every day to study for the midterms.” CCNY students and faculty had varying views on how […]

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Surviving Midterm Stress


Calm down, you can get through this! by Darlene Bueno It’s that time of the year again when: midterms! As this halfway point approaches, the stress begins. The average full-time student takes five classes, which can add up to five midterms. And students find various ways to cope. Some spend all their time in the […]

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Don’t Let Stress Make You a Mess

Story 7 Pic

Help during the finals crunch by Shanika Sealy As the semester comes to a close and term papers and exams pile up, stress skyrockets on campus. “During finals, I only get 3 hours of sleep,” says Betsy Pena, senior. “I’m tired and I can’t manage my time.” What’s the solution to stress during the weeks […]

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Defending Against the Next Sandy–And More


            City Never Sleeps by Ryan Wallerson CCNY Landscape Architect Offers Storm Surge Defense Alternatives- Within the context of geographical impact and death toll, Hurricane Sandy was not Hurricane Katrina. However in this world, it’s all about location; Sandy slammed into one of the most expensive and important parts of […]

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Shopping Tips, Campus Events + More


City Never Sleeps by Emily Goldblum  Let Your Fingers Do the Shopping! Did you miss Black Friday because you had to work or didn’t want to deal with stampedes and crazy New Yorkers on long lines? It’s not too late to find deals–it’s Cyber Monday! Price reductions extend beyond just retail, and you can get […]

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When Stress Turns Serious


Ignoring the signs can sometime lead to other emotional problems, including depression. By Kristie Gonsalves. City College senior Michelle Frank is in her fifth year of college and on her second major. Juggling engineering classes and a part-time job, she found herself at the breaking point last fall. “I was always tired,” says Frank, “but […]

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