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Guess What’s Back — The Flu


Time to know the facts and get the shot As Ebola headlines continue to run across the fronts of newspapers and media coverage sites, many have forgotten that “flu season” has just arrived. Every year a new form of influenza spreads across college campuses infecting thousands of students. Luckily, influenza is nearly preventable with a […]

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Surviving Midterm Stress


Calm down, you can get through this! by Darlene Bueno It’s that time of the year again when: midterms! As this halfway point approaches, the stress begins. The average full-time student takes five classes, which can add up to five midterms. And students find various ways to cope. Some spend all their time in the […]

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SHS, Jazz To Soothe The Soul and Other Upcoming Events


City Never Sleeps by Hannington Dia  Healthy Insurance Info Healthcare is something that many of us don’t fully understand. Representatives from SHS will be in the NAC rotunda from 11:00 AM — 2:00 PM to help students learn more about this hot-button issue, discussing affordable and low-cost health care options. Click here for more info. ​​Jazz To Soothe […]

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Distress? No, De-Stress

Story 7 – Art

 Get counseling to deal with stress, depression, and the dreaded finals week  by Daniel Friedman For any college student, stress is always on the menu. At the City College of New York, Student Health Services (SHS) is lending a hand. A counseling fellow at SHS, Brian Mueller has been hosting “The De-Stress Group” in Shepard Hall […]

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Killer Drinks?


  Read this before you gulp 5-hour Energy, Monster or another caffeinated energizer! By Jennifer De Leon  With finals approaching, students start stocking up on energy drinks in anticipation of the long hours of studying and the backlash of endless procrastination. According to the Huffington Post, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirmed that the caffeine […]

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Rising Suicide Rate Examined


 Why are so many students ending their lives? By Jennifer De Leon Raquel Rodriguez, 22, a junior at CCNY, was only 16 years old when her older brother, Rafael, overdosed on prescription painkillers. “He was only 20 years old,” she explains. “It was so unexpected; nothing in the world could have prepared me for that.” […]

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Still Smoking

smoking photo

 What tobacco ban? by Angelique Williams At the start of the semester, the CUNY smoking ban went into effect. The new rule prohibits tobacco products in indoor and outdoor facilities. But if cigarettes are banned, why are so many students still smoking? Students like Pablo Mujica don’t see the purpose in the ban and continue smoking. […]

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Watch Out! Mysterious Car Fires in Harlem Continue–9-12-2012

burnt car

  The City Never Sleeps…by Ryan Wallerson Hey man, your car is on fire: Several cars were reported burning on Tuesday morning, and police have been warning people with cars parked on the streets of Harlem since that whomever is responsible is still at large. This morning, the fire setter’s second act has driver’s in […]

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Remembering 9/11, Best and Worst Majors and More–9/11/2012


September 11 Anniversary: It’s been 11 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center. Pause, take a moment and reflect on the tragedy and what it’s meant for our city. Art and Anthro Majors: Don’t Read This Post! Kiplinger’s recent list of the 10 worst college majors spells bad news for anyone studying anthropology, […]

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Student Health Services Is Offering New Medical and Laboratory Services

Student Health Services Is Offering New Medical and Laboratory Services

The Wellness Center now takes care of more of your preventative health needs—at affordable prices by Stefany Castrillon With a new nurse practitioner on campus, CCNY students can now get their medical check-ups between classes. The Student Health Services (better known as the Wellness Center) is now running as a student clinic offering medical and […]

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Lady Beavers Collapse in Second Half at York


City College’s Women’s Basketball Team dropped the first of a doubleheader tilt in Jamaica, Queens on Friday night, falling to […]

Beavers dig deeper into hole after loss at York


CCNY Men’s Basketball team is on the verge of missing the CUNYAC playoffs after losing at York College Friday night. […]

Bulldogs Easily Handle City Men’s Hoops

City falls to Brooklyn in a game where the Beavers were colder than the winter weather outside the gym. By […]

Lady Beavers Fall to Brooklyn

1212015 postgame recap image

  City College’s Women’s Basketball team fell 62-47 to the Brooklyn Bulldogs on Wednesday night, falling to 4-13 overall on […]

Baruch Sweeps CCNY Hoops


Despite a tough effort by both CCNY’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, the Bearcats made easy work of the Beavers […]

Beavers Take Down College of Mount Saint Vincent

For just the second time this season, the CCNY Men’s Basketball team won back-to-back games, taking down the College of […]