Got the Fever

Christal Somar took this photo during CCNY's Lavender Week celebration. Christal Somar took this photo during CCNY's Lavender Week celebration.

Christal Somar took this photo during CCNY’s Lavender Week celebration.

As the weather warms up, CCNY students report bouts of spring fever. by Cathryn Keneally

Spring fever is kicking in as the semester comes to a close.  Shorts, dresses, and sandals of all kinds are breaking loose and classes are appearing emptier than ever.  Even though exams and papers are approaching that are normally worth 30% of the final grade, students are getting the fever.

What is Spring Fever?  Lorena Jackson describes it this way: “Spring fever is what I am feeling right now,” she says. “I am over classes and I call it the semester of ‘wingin’ it.’”

Jackson isn’t the only one in love with the spring as students desperately use their accumulated saved absences.  “I pay for these absences and I shall use them,” CCNY student Rebecca Sterling, says, defending her skipped classes.

Maybe it’s the warm sun peering through the classroom windows causing everyone to get up and go–professors and staff, too.  Admits one anonymous professor, “The weather has been so nice lately.  I was sitting outside the other day thinking of what ailment I can come up with just to not go to work myself.”

Some students savor the spring semester, because they think it’s easier than the fall. “In fall, the teachers are more strict and have the time to grade papers and stuff,” says Jamal White. “But in the Spring they are thinking of their next vacation as much as we are.  Ever thought why all their ‘conferences’ happen now and they come back all tan?”

Have you caught spring fever yet?



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