Student Government Elections Begin by Anthony Viola

Student reviews the guidelines leading up the elections. Photo by: Anthony Viola

With elections for student government approaching next month, CCNY president Vincent Boudreau has implemented several changes in protocol to avoid the staggering dismissal of regulations that occurred during last year’s elections. The Student Elections Review Committee (SERC), the body responsible for overseeing the student government campaigns, has slated this year’s voting period to take place between April 24 and April 26. Students interested in running for student government or other student-wide elections must submit their applications by Friday March 30.

Last year’s student government elections resulted in a nullification after members of the SERC disregarded several City University of New York bylaws during the timeframe. Boudreau explained to a campus-wide email that “the process was fraught with problems.” He cited failures from both the student parties and the members of the SERC.

In an interview with The Campus in August, Boudreau promised, “we’re going to make sure every SERC has a preponderance of disinterested faculty and staff, and some representation from students, but in no case do we want a majority of these people to be students.”

President Boudreau followed through with his plans leading up to the 2018 elections. The SERC now consists of six faculty and staff members and three students. Three members of the administration, including Boudreau, will participate in the SERC’s proceedings as well.

O’Lanso Gibbon, director of student life, declined to comment on the current status of the SERC. He stated that a report following the elections will determine whether these changes improved the overall process.

Ryan Carson, returning member of the SERC and supervisor at NYPIRG, offers comments on referenda voting, which appears on the student elections ballot. He says, “The [CUNY Board of Trustees] is reviewing referenda, a petition is going around for a new shuttle bus to be put to a vote. Would the referendum be allowed to go through?”

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