Free Subscription Offered to Employees and Students by Anthony Viola

On March 9, The Wall Street Journal announced its partnership with The City University of New York to provide all faculty, staff, and students with access to the publication. Since the announcement, interested members of the community can start using their free subscription.

The Journal now offers free access to features like its e-publication, mobile app, and a curated newsletter. Alex Andreadis, Marketing Manager at WSJ and CUNY Baruch alumnus, believes this decision can help many “transition from a student to a future CEO.”

Some students are looking forward to having this access. “When you search articles and things online, sometimes The Wall Street Journal has an interesting headline. But after five free articles, they make you pay,” states freshman Ian Rohac. “With this contract, I can view as many articles as I want.”

Others, like junior Kurt Dawiec, prefer CUNY’s other publication passes, such as The Times, explaining “[The Journal] not very helpful to the general student body.” He explains, “I think WSJ is a more focused news source and would serve someone who works in the financial district better than the average person.”

According to Nancy Egan, Electronic Resources Librarian at CUNY, students can still activate a free subscription with The NYTimes for a 52-week period before needing to reactivate. Once their time at CUNY ends, they may access four articles per day. For now, any CUNY employee or student can obtain their subscription at or



Edit (03/17/2018): Recent source suggests CUNY members can access The NYTimes regardless of this contract with The Journal. 

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